Roadkill #10, Winter 2017

Roadkill #10, Winter 2017

Roadkill #10,  Winter 2017

Roadkill  #7,  Spring 2017 - quarterly

You've been to so you know what to expect in the magazine !!

Roadkill is edgy and irreverent, personality driven, full of car guy fantasy stories and grounded in self-deprecating humor.
Roadkill is men behaving badly with cars; the automobile as entertainment.

Larger than your regular mags, this is essentially
100+ pages of full-colour, motoring mayhem !!

every issue sells out quickly so if you REALLY want one
watch this space !

UK including p&p

current issue       £   11.95   yes please
four issue sub      £   46.95   yes please

Europe including airmail

current issue       £  15.95   yes please
   four issue sub     £  59.80   yes please