Dropped Axle

Dropped Axle

Dropped Axle


Ford Dropped Axle Installation 


Vern Tardel’s “Let Me Help You” series for traditional hot rodders.

Book #5 - Dropped Axle: 1928 - 1934 Ford Installation Guide. 32 Pages

The fifth “Let Me Help You” guide for traditional Ford hot rod builders. 
This comprehensive 32-page booklet, Dropped Axle - 1928-1934 Ford Installation Guide, illustrates and describes selection, disassembly, restoration and installation of a traditional dropped axle. This step-by-step guide provides an excellent overview of all the basic steps in selection of axles, kingpins, springs, perches, wishbones and shackles. It also covers assembling and installing a dropped axle in your ‘29-‘34 Ford.

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