Three years in the making, the first limited edition of "Stroker. The Artistic Works of Tom Medley" is now in stock and immediately available. Initial printing is a small press-run Slipcase Limited edition!

The exquisitely designed 240-page table-top book (12”x12”) features more than 270 illustrations and photographs, showcasing the work of the famed Hot Rod magazine cartoonist, who joined the staff on issue #2 in February 1948.

"Stroker" reviews Medley’s seven decades as an artist, including an insightful biography. The book features illustrated letters home during World War Two; drawings from the 78th Infantry Division Lightning newspaper, including “Fearless Freddy Flash;” legendary character “Stroker McGurk” in Hot Rod magazine; character “Flat Out Snodgrass” in Cycling magazine; plus automotive cutaway illustrations, spot cartoons, logos, t-shirt designs, holiday cards, and much, much more.

In addition to reproductions of the finished art, the book also shows numerous original art boards, as well as rough sketches that show the creative process used by Medley.

A limited number of slipcase editions will be printed. This is a must-have for any hot rod or cartoon enthusiast.


Stroker    UK        yes please    £ 67.95 including p&p

    Stroker    Europe  yes please    £ 74.95 including airmail