Muscle Machines - January 2020

Muscle Machines - January 2020

Muscle Machines - January 2020

Muscle Machines
' The Ultimate All-American Performance Car Magazine'

Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine has been created, edited and designed to be a unique publication devoted to five decades of the All-American Performance Car in all its fascinating variety - from the road-burners of the fabulous Fifties to today's sophisticated offerings from Detroit.

   Each issue is themed and promoted via the main cover photo. Inside, multi-page full-color features are packed with technical information, while in-construction photos reveal how the car was built. Driving impressions, club and market-value sidebars, specs, production and options listings, performance comparison charts, restoration parts price list and owners' profiles deliver all the facts in these monthly features-for modified muscle and for factory-correct restorations.

  Plus, Hemmings Muscle Machines brings readers in-depth tech reviews of engines and engine parts and one-on-one interviews with the best of the engine builders themselves. The editors talk with Detroit's cutting-edge performance engineers and designers to tell readers more about what's hottest today-and tomorrow.

 Comparison road tests help settle the questions about how the great muscle cars really stack up against each other...

  • Also contains profiles of vintage drag-race cars and the people who build them and drive them!

UK including p&p

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Europe including airmail

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