Muscle Machines - May 2019

Muscle Machines - May 2019

Muscle Machines - May 2019

Muscle Machines
' The Ultimate All-American Performance Car Magazine'

Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine has been created, edited and designed to be a unique publication devoted to five decades of the All-American Performance Car in all its fascinating variety - from the road-burners of the fabulous Fifties to today's sophisticated offerings from Detroit.

  While the primary emphasis is on vintage muscle cars, Hemmings Muscle Machines will also focus on new and late-model performance cars, nostalgic drag cars, sports compacts, vintage road racers, sports cars, land-speed record cars, street machines, street/strip drag cars and authentic high-performance hot rods.

  Hemmings Muscle Machines features full-color professional photography throughout-photos that showcase each feature car in an exciting, creative manner, pleasingly composed and carefully posed to complement all that's best about the design and character of these cars as well as showing various important details of their styling, power and construction.

  Each issue is themed and promoted via the main cover photo. Inside, multi-page full-color features are packed with technical information, while in-construction photos reveal how the car was built. Driving impressions, club and market-value sidebars, specs, production and options listings, performance comparison charts, restoration parts price list and owners' profiles deliver all the facts in these monthly features-for modified muscle and for factory-correct restorations.

  Plus, Hemmings Muscle Machines brings readers in-depth tech reviews of engines and engine parts and one-on-one interviews with the best of the engine builders themselves. The editors talk with Detroit's cutting-edge performance engineers and designers to tell readers more about what's hottest today-and tomorrow.

    It's a magazine designed to be different-with a clean, contemporary look that is bold yet tasteful, to set Hemmings Muscle Machines apart from the crowd-whether on the newsstand or in over 100,000 subscribers' hands.

 Comparison road tests help settle the questions about how the great muscle cars really stack up against each other...

  • Also contains profiles of vintage drag-race cars and the people who build them and drive them!

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