48Cars 48 States

48Cars 48 States

48Cars 48 States

48 Cars 48 States

Here's what author Travis Scanlan says about his book,

For those that don’t know, in the Fall of 2017 I went on an 18,200 mile, 9 week, 48 State road trip called 48 Cars 48 States : The Great American Road Trip.

I hit all lower 48 states in my 1963 Galaxie to capture a snapshot of what the traditionally inspired hot rod and kustom car world looks like in 2017. I travelled America’s highways and byways and shoot a different traditionally inspired hot rod, kustom or drag car in each state, sharing the stories of the places that I go, the people that I meet and the cars that they own on my blog here and then in a 226+ page book. You’ll find maps of the trip, feature articles of the 48 vehicles, 6 events, 2 breakdowns and more from the entire trip.

If you'd like to see some of the journey before you buy the book,
go to www.royboyproductions.com


UK including p&p

48 Cars 48 States   £ 84.95   yes please

Europe including airmail

48 Cars 48 States   £ 94.95   yes please