This is what Rodders Journal said about the book . . .

Heavily chopped and loaded with louvers, it’s impossible to miss the Rolling Bones’ hot rods coming down the road. These fenderless, loud and well-worn early Fords have become staples of our hobby in the past two decades, and we’re excited to introduce their newest book, Gas-Oil-Water

Saying this 222-page hardcover is coffee table-worthy would be an understatement. It’s filled with colorful stories, hundreds of images and an unprecedented array of original artwork, including a cover by Tom Fritz. Flipping through the book, we were impressed with the detailed construction photos, cross-country road trip coverage, and the Bones’ period-perfect El Mirage event.

From beach racing at T.R.O.G. to setting records at Bonneville, the ’Bones bring their signature speed and style to every corner of the hot rodding world. Much like the cars themselves, Gas-Oil-Water is expertly planned and artfully executed. We believe this is their best book to date.

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