Australian Hot Rodder

Australian Hot Rodder

Australian Hot Rodder

Australian Hot Rodder  #8   Annual

It's the Australian equivalent to Rodders journal;
same top quality photos and text. 
Just like RJ, you've got to read it slowly
so you don't miss anything

Packed into its 152 glossy, full colour pages are great features on
Kev Kracht’s sweet ’33 Ford Sport Coupe,
Ross Baron’s interpretation of a classic ’33 Ford roadster,
Glenn Holmes’ ’60s T-bucket,
Bob Moule’s early Holden custom coupe,
the traditional rods of Michael Ahrens,
veteran Sydney rodder Ronnie Williams,
Joe Pirotta’s Mustang-powered FX Holden,
Neil Stamp’s classic ’35 Ford coupe, and
pioneering American rodder Dick Scritchfield.

UK including p&p

#8   £27.95   yes please

Europe incl. airmail

#8  £34.95   yes please