The Meets

As some of you will know, in recent months,
attendance has been very low.
Despite that, I kept it going because the people
who did turn up, enjoyed themselves.
Without any notice, the pub has now closed for refurb
for the next three months or so. 

We won't be going back;  I'll find somewhere else
in the New Year and we'll make a fresh start.
THANKS TO EVERYONE who's come along.


The 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month, during British Summer Time,
( that's April to October inclusive ) from 'ish.

The rest of the year, November to March inclusive, we're going to meet
on the 3rd Sunday every month, from late morning through til early / mid afternoon

 HOLLOW TREE pub on the A49
just a hundred yards south bound ( stay in the RH lane, there is a filter ),

from junction 10 of the M56

The all-important postcode is WA4 4LX

2016 DATES
Lunchtime, Sunday 17th January
Lunchtime, Sunday 21st February
Lunchtime, Sunday 20th March
6th and 20th April
4th and 18th Mayy
1st and 15th June
6th and 20th July
3rd and 17th August
7th and 21st September
5th and 19th October
Lunchtime, Sunday 20th November
Lunchtime, Sunday 18th December

Check out Al fishwick's photos from our first Sunday Lunch . .  
16th November 2014
just go to  the link below . . . .

 . . and here is a set from Simon Gothard from some time ago
Cheers Simon
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