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4th July 2018

On a hot summer's day what could be better than some coooooool reading.
Just take a look at these beauties !!

hop up v14n1 150     ckd n88 june2018 150     tradrk n54 summer2018 150     hot vws july2018 150

   mmff july2018 150      mmthly june2018 150      hot rod july2018 150     mcr july2018 150

chryslerp august2018 150     mcg august2018 150     mom september2018 150

classt september2018 150     coll auto august2018 150     vette september2018 150


21st June 2018

At last, the new Rodder's Journal has arrived !
Printing has now been transferred to the USA but clearly the transition didn't run smoothly.
Hopefully, normal service will now be resumed.

That girl on the front of OSR, doesn't she remind you of Susie Quatro ?
Susie who?  Well you have to be of a certain age . . . .

In the new Wheel Hub, you'll find major features on
Pinkee's Rod Shop '32 Ford; Miranda built '69 Camaro;
Goolsby '69 Mustang; Detroit Speed '67 Chevy II
and featured artist, Jeremy Cliff.
More broad-based than Rodder's Journal but it's definitely
up there in terms of content and photographic quality.

osr n89 sept2018 150     rj n78 150     sr august2018 150     wheelhub n2 150

mmthly july2018 150     mmff aug2018 150      hemmings july2018 150

lr aug2018 150     mcg july2018 150

4th June 2018 Update
Christmas has definitely come early !
stroker comic 600

if that wasn't enough, check this out . . a brand new quarterly
wheelhub n1 600
It's the first issue ( we've got the UK exclusive ! )
and we've been 'road-testing' it at a couple of shows to get people's reaction. 
More a coffee-table book than a magazine,  peoeple have been browsing and then . . . buying !!

rusa n32 150     hrd july2018 150     hill country may june 2018 150     hot vws may2018 150

cc august2018 150     mcr june2018 150     moa june2018 150     mom august2018 150

classt aug2018 150     ponchop may2018 150     streett june2018 150     mot july2018 150

vct mar april2018 150     truckin v44n8 150     dp july2018 150     jp aug2018 150

dr july2018 150     gw n114 150     classc july2018 150     chp august2018 150
















old, new, lowered or raised, there's a truck for everyone !!!

jp may2018 150     streett feb2018 150     ttrend may june2018 150     truckin v44n5 150 

Oops !  My fault, February Mopar Action is late and it's because,
while I was waiting for them to contact me, they were waiting for me to contact them !!
The April issue will be coming through in a couple of weeks and then it should all run smoothly.

moa feb2018 150     mcg may2018 150     ponchop feb2018 150     sch april2018 150

The internet is wonderful but, you can't beat looking through a copy of Hemmings
at the massive range of cars, parts and services for sale.

hemmings april2018 150     vct jan feb2018 150     mot april2018 150     scale auto april2018 150

27th Feb 2018

Yesterday evening I put the new Hop Up on site,
today I've got all the rest done.
hop up v13 n4 150      osr n87 may2018 150       ratrod n47 150



It's here !!
If you subscribe via American Auto Mags
then I can tell you it's already on its way to you !!

hop up v13 n4 600

12th Feb 2018
After a major continuity breakdown, I'm really pleased to have Hot VWs in stock  !
Here are all the new issues . . . enjoy !

hrd march 2018 150     tradrk n52 150     rusa n30 150      sr april2018 150

hot vws march 2018 150

gw n112 150     poncho perf jan2018 150      mom april2018 150     vette april2018 150   

hemmings feb2018 150      classt april2018 150     sch march2018 150    chp april2018 150

classc march2018 150     coll auto april2018 150     mot march2018 150     lr april2018 150


30th January 2018

Just a little update . . .

 classam feb2018 150     customc mar2018 150     pandkg feb mar2018 150

20th January 2018

Not a big delivery but definitely some 'goodies' here.

cc march2018 150     hot rod march2018 150    mcr feb2018 150     mmcs feb2018 150


ponchop dec2017 150     mmthly feb2018 150          mmff march2018 150      mot feb2018 150

ckd n86 feb2018 150     hill country jan feb2018 150     ki n52 150     sr march2018 150
The Kustoms Illustrated you're looking at, is #52. The missing  #51 arrived as well !
Just message me if you'd like them both.

dr nov2017 150although I put theJanuary 2018 issue up last month
we hadn't received the November issue. . . . . . Now we have !

     mcg march2018 150     lr march2018 150     scale auto feb2018 150       chp march2018 150 

jp march2018 150     petes 4w march2018 150     truckt mar apr2018 150    truckin v44 n3 150
I wish I knew why but JP and Petersen's 4Wheel haven't been updated for months !!

The new BIG book by Vern Tardel.
Just click on the pic for more info
hot rod your model a 150


SCTA book 1    bonneville, acenturyof speed 150