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18th August 2019
Sunday afternoon, updating the site, seeing
what we've got left after a fantastic NSRA SuperNats,
at the end of which, we were inducted into the NSRA Hall of Fame, wow !!
Looking forward to the Hot Rod Hop this coming weekend,
will we see you there ?

car craft oct2019 150     mcr august2019 150     mmff sept2019 150

c10 bldrs gde fall2019 150     classt oct2019 150     f100 bldrs gde fall2019 150     truckin oct2019 150

gw n121 150    chp oct2019 150     vette oct2019 150

mcg sept2019 150     mom october2019 150

hrd sept2019 150     ki n56 150     rusa n39 150

23rd July 2019
Right here, right now,
c10 bldrs gde summer2019 150     classt august2019 150     f100 bldrs gde spring2019 150

car craft sept2019 150     hot rod sept2019 150     mmthly august2019 150

ckd n95 aug2019 150     hill country july aug2019 150     sr sept2019 150

mcg august2019 150     mom sept2019 150    hot vws august2019 150






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