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23rd January 2020

If you thought all the mags had been wiped out . . . . . er, no.
Check these out !  And there's more to come !!

hot rod feb202020200122_15034389 150     mmcs dec 2019 150     mcg feb202020200122_21075286 150    hot vws jan202020200122_21100760 150

hill country jan feb202020200122_21113377 150     mot feb202020200122_21133910 150     diecast spring202020200122_21173077 150     scale auto feb202020200122_21151150 150

ponchop oct201920200122_21192572 150

22nd January 2020

If you're looking for an example of corporate bullying, how about this.
No advance notice, no warning, the publishers announced that
they were no longer producing print editions of these magazines.
your subscription was being changed to online - like it or not!

These are the last print issues of these particular titles. .
sr feb202020200120_23450143 150     mcr jan202020200120_23463138 150     car craft mar202020200120_23482628 150     mom march202020200120_23533697 150

mmff feb202020200120_23495122 150     mmthly jan202020200120_23514185 150    chp march202020200120_23584887 150     vette march202020200121_00003528 150

lr march202020200120_23550503 150     truckin march202020200121_00021369 150     jp march202020200121_00045491 150     dp feb202020200121_00061251 150


12th January 2020
I'm taking orders for the forthcoming
They're saying it should be ready for shipping by the end of Feb and
I'm just trying to find out which UK related features are in it.

HRI #12 479

10th January 2020
You may not have noticed but I've added an Owner's Handbook page.
In it, I have listed all the ones I have in stock right now.
Tell me what you need.

If you want one, not listed, let me know and I'll get a price for you.

A little more bad news, Ratrod magazine has closed.
The good news is that they are planning a new one.

8th January 2020
With all the aggro surrounding the magazine massacre,
I forgot to post this up !
ckd n96 october201920200108_11551846 150

If you missed out at your local shop, I've got some in stock !
classam jan202020200108_11571674 150    customc feb202020200108_11591937 150     street machine jan202020200108_12013009 150

Although Lowrider is being pulled by the publishers, don't dismay,
help is at hand.  This mag, La Cultura, is scheduled as twice a year but hey,
it's a start.  Essentially one guy pursuing his passion.
Support him now and it can only get better ( more frequent).
Incidentally, remember BOMBS magazine?
Well Steven, the owner/publisher/editor unfortunately died last year.
That's the bad news, the good news is that it is coming back !!!
I'll keep you posted as I get more news.
    La Cultura cover 150

 You may not have noticed but I've added an Owner's Handbook page.
In it, I have listed all the ones I have in stock right now.
If you want one, not listed, let me know and I'll get a price for you.

2nd January 2020
I've only just discovered this; check it out !!
gnarly front 150

19th December
My Rodders Journal collection is up for offers !

A mix of A and B covers,

#10 I have both A and B
#16    "         "   A and B
18A there are two copies.

the set is complete up to and including #77.
These have been my shelf collection, that is to say, they've never been opened !

#78 is the display copy
#79 and #80 I need to get
and #81 has been on the counter
If needs be, I can replace all four of these.
#82 is wrapped and perfect like the rest.

Anyone interested, call me on 01606 888324 anytime up til News at Ten
or [email protected]  

Make me an offer and we can talk !

17th December
I'm just about to send an order over to the Rolling Bones for their latest book
GAS-OIL-WATER.  Click the pic to see what Rodders Journal said about it.
gas-oil-water 600

15th December

Here's something to cheer us up
hop up annual 600
Yes, it's the new Hop Up Annual.
Bigger and thicker ( now 226 pages )
and due out in January.
Want to order one now ?
Sounds like a good idea because I think we'll sell out !!

Oh yes,  I realised a few minutes ago, I'd forgotten to include
Rodding USA in the magazines that are alive and well !

13th December


With immediate effect the publishers are no longer printing
Car Craft, Chevy HP, Classic Trucks, Diesel Power,
Hot Rod Deluxe, Lowrider, Mopar Muscle, Muscle Car Review,

Muscle Mustangs/Fast Fords, Mustang Monthly, Street Rodder
Super Chevy, Truck Trend, Truckin;, Vette

No warning, no notice, nothing.
When I checked with the distributor in the States, he said
I must be mistaken because he had the 2020 print schedules in front of him
During the last year particularly, business has been bad for a number of reasons,
but even though I've been losing money, there was always the hope that
the exchange rate would improve and there wouldn't be stuff stolen each week
now I'd changed shippers.  That hope  has now come crashing down.

What am I going to do about the existing subscribers, I don't know.
I don't have the resources to do refunds, I really don't know what to do right now.
Thinking cap on, in the next couple of weeks I'll get my head straight
and have a clearer picture.  I will, of course, then get back to you with some plan of action.
At this stage , all I can do is apologise for the situation we find ourselves in.

I do have some of the penultimate and final issues in now . . .

car craft feb202020191213_10504789 150     chp feb202020191213_10544166 150     classt feb202020191213_10525828 150     hrd jan202020191213_10380424 150    

mom feb202020191213_11284646 150     sch feb202020191213_13125803 150     truckin feb202020191213_11472754 150     vette feb202020191213_11490493 150 

lr feb202020191213_10582555 150    

These titles are alive and well . . . .and there are others.

 gw 12320191213_13165911 150     hotvws nov201920191213_10480331 150     mot jan202020191213_13144794 150      vct nov dec201920191213_13111480 150

jp feb202020191213_10564928 150    drag ill nov201920191213_13183967 150     rusa n4120191213_10443680 150

I'll put together a list of them all and then you'll have a clearer picture.


5th December
it's the new mag born from the ashes of Trad., Rod & Kulture.
New publishers, a fresh start.
I'm just waiting for copies of the premiere issue to arrive but you can order it now.
It's big news so, here's a big pic !!!
speed and kulture two 746