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17th October

Finished the Update.  24 magazines updated and online.  Enjoy x

15th October
OK., we'll start this Update with some muscle car mags.
I've been having some real problems with deliveries this year,
magazines being stolen and/or left on a shelf in a warehouse.
The Muscle Machines you're looking at, is in fact the August issue !
We've been getting magazines from Hemming for nearly 30 years
and never had a problem like this, before.
I'm pleased to tell you that it looks like we'll back 'on stream' in the next two/three weeks
and then things should/will run smoothly again for the next 30 years.
Keep your fingers crossed !!

car craft dec2019 150     hot rod nov2019 150     mcr oct2019 150     mmcs august2019 150

hill country sept oct2019 150     hrd nov2019 150     rusa n40 150     sr nov2019 150

The Vette you see, is the December issue.  I've had to re-order the November one because
the publishers sent our copies to someone else !

mmff november2019 150     chp december2019 150     sch november2019 150    vette december2019 150

mcg november2019 150     mom december2019 150     gw n122 150     streett july2019 150

vct sept oct2019 150     classt dec2019 150     dp nov2019 150     jp dec2019 150

contest cars 2019 150     diecast wtr2020 150     lr dec2019 150     customc nov2019 150

27th September

OK., it's taken me two days ( and I have been doing other things !)
but now I've got all the latest issues up on site.
During that time, I've sold out of Custom Vanner and Motor Trend,
so if anyone still wants one, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
Our show season is over now, apart from the Northern Swap Meet next month
so I'll be trying to improve my keyboard skills for the next few months.
I'll also be trying to get the Books pages sorted out and up-to-date.
Talk soon and . . . . enjoy!

rj n82 150     hop up special 150

and more . . .
carcraft nov2019 150      hot rod oct2019 150      mcr sept2019 150

mmff oct2019 150      mmthly oct2019 150

custom vanner summ2019 150    hot vws oct2019 150    osr n96 nov2019 150    ratrod n56 aug sept2019 150

sr oct2019 150    drag ill aug2019 150     dre sept2019 150

classt nov2019 150     vct july aug2019 150     chp november2019 150     sch october2019 150

truckin nov2019 150     jp nov2019 150     dp oct2019 150

scale auto oct2019 150     lr nov2019 150

customc oct2019 150    classam oct2019 150     streetmc oct2019 150








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