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24th April

Yes,the new Wheelhub is in  !  If you're not familiar with it , let me explain.
Four major features, in full colour with the detailed photos you simply won't see anywhere else, in each issue !
In this issue, George Poteet's 1936 Roadster, the one that won the America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award;  
A '55 Chevy that pushes out 1500hp down the strip !   A 1933 Ford coupe from Moal Coachbuilders and
a truck feature showing off a '42 Chevy, a '59 Chevy Apache and a '40 Ford
It's definitely a soft-bound book rather than a magazine and although it's not cheap, it's great value. 
Now you need to buy a coffee table to put it on !

wheelhub v2n1 150     sr june2019 150     cc june2019 150     hr june2019 150

yes, you've spotted the new issue of Drag Racing Edge.and once again it's full of quarter-mile action !

mmthly may2019 150     classt june2019 150     dre march2019 150     vette june2019 150

vct march april2019 150     chp june2019 150     sch june2019 150     mot may2019 150

2nd April
I was just thinking to myself, I'm surprised there haven't been any orders for
the May issue of Hot Rod Deluxe.
Now I know why . . . I didn't put it in the Update !!!!!  What a plonker !!!!
hrd may2019 150

29th March
OK it's this weekend that the clocks go forward,
and we can start to look forward to the show season.
In the meantime, here are some magazines to whet your appetite !

Do you prefer the classic or the modern?
Well, either way, there's a magazine for you !

mmthly april2019 150     mmff may2019 150


When you say 'muscle car', it can conjure up a lot of different images to different people.
In these magazines you'll see many different cars; what they all have in common
is performance in a 'package'.
If you go to the Muscle Machines page, you'll see that this is the February issue !
The publishers sent the mags to the wrong shippers and it's taken some time to get
it all sorted.  Over the next three weeks, we'll get the title up-to-date and then
normal service should be resumed !!

hot rod may2019 150     mcr april2019 150     mmcs feb2019 150    

It's always a good day when the new HOP UP arrives.  Over recent issues
it has really developed with the sort of in-depth articles that you simply
won't find anywhere else. 
It becomes an even better day when some of my other favourite mags come in.

hop up v14n4 150     ckd n93 april2019 150     hot vws april2019 150    ratrod n54 apr may2019 150

sr may2019 150     tradrk n57 150     pandkg n73 apr may2019 150

Interesting to note that the Mopar mags consistently out-sell the Chevy ones.
I would have expected it to be the other way round . . .
Can you believe that Mopar Muscle is the JUNE issue and we're still in March !!
In contrast, Drag Illustrated, the current issue, is the Feb one.  No, I don't understand it either.

    mcg may2019 150      mom june2019 150     sch may2019 150    drag ill feb2019 150   

The great diversity in this automotive world is illustrated perfectly by these three mags.

classc march2019 150    ponchop feb2019 150    truckt may june2019 150

classam april2019 150
     customc may2019 150      streetm april2019 150 

addition, 13th March

Realised that I'd not included Collectible Auto in the last Update, so I've done it now.
Because of problems at the publishers, we've actually received both the Feb and April issues
together.  Today I've put the February issue up so you have a chance to look at it,
next week, I'll put the April one onsite.  Enjoy !
coll auto feb2019 150

Delivery 7th March 2019

A lot of new issues came in today so I'll have to upload in stages !

First of all, the big news !!
We're thrilled to announce that as of now, we'll be bringing in to the UK,
dredge jan2019 150

If you're not familiar with the magazine, go on their website and check it out.
Six times a year, edited by John DiBartolomeo, excellent.
I was feeling miserable about Drag Racer disappearing, now I'm not !!

20th February 2019

Just a bit of news for you.  
The publishers in Australia have told me that the new issue, # 11
is being sent out this week !  I have to bring this in by surface mail
to keep the cost reasonable so it will be a few weeks before we get hold of it.
However, I can show you the front cover and I can tell you that
last year's Nostalgia Nats is featured.
If you'd like me to reserve a copy for you, just let me know.
HRI #11