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13th June

Look what's coming out next month, it's a DVD called Pride n Passion
(remember the car ? ).
As you'll gather from the contents listed on the cover, it's a collection
of rare 8mm cine film taken ata number of UK custom car shows between 1979 and 1983
with additional footage that tells the story of the filmmaker's father's custom car.

As they put it  themselves, 'the DVD tells the story of the two cars belonging to our family
and  the time we spent at custom car shows'.. It is amateur footage from a time before HD streaming and home video
but, if you enjoy a trip down memory lane, you'll love it.
If you were there, it will definitely bring back some old memories and if you weren't,
here's a rare chance to see those cars on show back in the day, many of which are no longer around..

. ,

 pride n passion    

Call or message me and I'll let you know when it comes in.


















29th May

It's in . . . .
rj n81 B 150

I got all three of the drag racing titles in this shipment
drag ill may2019 150     dre may2019 150     gw n119 150

You know, I remember when VWs used to be part of the rod shows.
I miss them now they've gone their own way and very successfully too.

The 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery featured in Rodding USA
is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, the paintwork is flawless !
Of course, you may prefer the '32 Ford coupe or the roadsters,
the '29 Ford woody wagon, the 1941 Chevy Aerosedan or the
Barrett-Jackson Auction at Scottsdale.
hot vws june2019 150     rusa n37 150

I've just had the August issue of Collectible Auto but I was expecting the June one.
Apparently, that's sat on a shelf in the Forwarder's warehouse in NJ.   Damn.
coll auto aug2019 150.

You could also ask the same question about Mopar Collector's Guide.
The July issue is here, the June issue is in the forwarder's warehouse; no, don't ask !!

hot rod july2019 150     mmff july2019 150     mcg july2019 150     sch july2019 150

and last, but by no means least,
if you want a look into small-town America, check out Hill Country.

hill country may june2019 150     classam june2019 150     customc summ2019 150


24th May

As well as the April issue of Drag Illustrated, I also got some copies of the missing January issue.
Call me if you want one.

Some of you will know about the horrors I have, dealing with the publishers of Street Trucks.
I won't bore you all with the details but let's just say I was pleasantly surprised when this April issue arrived.

Been so long since I've last seen these; total surprise.
Of all the publishers I deal with, these are the worst !!   Such a pity cos the mags are great .
f-100 summ2019 150       c-10 spring 2019 150  

classt july2019 150      chp july2019 150      mom july2019 150      ponchop april2019 150    

mmff june2019 150     mmthly june2019 150     car craft july2019 150     mcr may2019 150

sr july2019 150     drag ill april2019 150    streett april2019 150     vette july2019 150

mot june2019 150     truckin july2019 150    jp july2019 150    dp june2019 150

 6th May

It's here, at last !
hot rodding intl #11 600