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5th December
it's the new mag born from the ashes of Trad., Rod & Kulture.
New publishers, a fresh start.
I'm just waiting for copies of the premiere issue to arrive but you can order it now.
It's big news so, here's a big pic !!!
speed and kulture two 746

1st December
What a good way to start December !

customc january2020 150


27th November
The custom Morris Minor and the Anglia van
make this a must-read issue !!
street machine december2019 150    

21st November

Right, it's just after nine pm and the Update is now complete, enjoy !

Today, I've been adding magazines to the Update
so if you just scroll down a little, you'll see all the new issues..

Now the cold nights are drawing in,
you need something to  read ....

nearly forgot this one!!!!!!!!
sr january2020 150

car craft jan2020 150     hot rod jan2020 150     mcr dec 2019 150     mmcs november2019 150

mmff jan2020 150     mmthly dec 2019 150    drag ill oct2019 150     dre nov2019 150

mcg jan2020 150     classc dec2019 150     coll auto dec2019 150     hemmings dec2019 150

chp jan2020 150    sch jan2020 150     vette january2020 150     ponchop august2019 150

hot vws dec2019 150     hill country nov dec2019 150    low rider jan2020 150

truckin jan2020 150     jp jan2020 150     dp jan2020 150     sae dec2019 150


13th November
OK, here's the latest Classic American plus two 'catch-up'.mags.
classam december20191 150    classc november2019 150     mmcs october2019 150

1st November

OK., for you Mustang fans, classic or late ( ish )
mmthly november2019 150     mmff december2019 150

They're saying it took 16 years to build the Cadillac on the cover of Hot Rod.
How long is too long?  Or do we simply say 'it takes as long as it takes '!!

Some of you know that I've had real problems with Hemmings, this year.
Well, hopefully they're all resolved now and we'll start to see normal service resumed.
You're looking at the September issue, in a couple of weeks, I'll put the October issue up.
hot rod december2019 150     mcr november2019 150     mmcs september2019 150

If you like your cars the way they came out of the factory,
you'll find a feast of classic goodies here !
And if you're looking to buy one or needing parts and/or accessories
Hemmings is STILL one of the best resources.  Genuine cars from genuine sellers,
which, all too often, is more than Ebay can say.

classc september2019 150     coll auto october2019 150     hemmings november2019 150

Good to see a proper rod on the cover of Street Rodder
and say hello to this year's Guide to Building a Street Rod
(that is actually a custom).
        sr december2019 150      gde to bldg a sr 2019 150

and into 2020 we go, with Mopar Muscle and Classic Trucks !
classt jan2020 150     mcg december2019 150     mom january2020 150

Vette is actually the ( which had been missing ) November issue

It's funny but I love all these four magazines, but for completely different reasons !!
truckin december2019 150     mot november2019 150     street machine november2019 150     customc december2019 150

so until next time . . . that's all folks !!











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