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20th October
November and December 2013 + January 2014
I've only got these three left !  £9.95 including p&p
 Call me on 07554 442350 or [email protected]

lr nov201320211020_11481919 200  lr dec201320211020_11493552 200  lr jan201420211020_11510300 200

18th October 2021
Just going through some of the back issues
and found these four CAMARO PERFORMERS
that weren't on site ( they are now ! )
camp july 201120211018_09585048 150 camp sept 201120211018_09570329 150 camp sept 201220211018_09550507 150 camp may201320211018_09535204 150
you'll find these and more,


 14th October 2021
A little selection of handbooks for you. They've all been used and
some are definitely in better shape than others BUT
at £4.95 + £1.95 p&p each, they're still great bargains !

Call me,  [email protected]
or 07554 442350 anytime.

econoline200 mercury monarch200 malibu200
aerostar200 grandam200  thunderbird200
Fseries200 gmc200


More new-old-stock clearance
£3.95 plus £1 p&p, each.
Call me on 07554 442350 or
[email protected]

ki57 200  ford ignition 200  helpful resto 200  helpful resto200

12th October 2021,
MOPAR ENTHUSIAST, a great magazine that I was able to stock for only a short time
before the publishers decided to close their complete series of magazines !
£3.95 each including p&p
[email protected] or 07554 442350
mopare sept201020211012_15204715 600  mopare oct201020211012_15193270 600

They also published MUSTANG ENTHUSIAST
and I've got the June, July and November 2010 issues.
Same as above, £3.95 each including p&p
[email protected] or 07554 442350
mustange june201020211012_15531416 300 mustange july201020211012_15464818 300 mustange nov201020211012_15444484 300

PONTIAC ENTHUSIAST, yes, another title in the series.
I've got May, June, July, October and November 2010
pontiace may201020211012_16255720 200  pontiace june201020211012_16245062 200  pontiace july201020211012_16234642 200 
pontiace oct201020211012_16211103 200  pontiace nov201020211012_16201136 200

The last title in the series, CHEVY ENTHUSIAST
September & November 2010

chevye september201020211012_17010656 300 chevye november201020211012_17020735 300

New  stock
Ford Differentials   £19.25 including p&p
Motown Missile      £21.95 including p&p
[email protected] or 07554 442350
ford diff  motown missile

4th October 2021
The very last three issues of CORVETTE FEVER
August, September, October 2010
cf aug201020211004_11212562 150   cf sept201020211004_11161894 150   cf oct201020211004_11180035 150
£11.95 for the three, including p&p
[email protected] or 07554 442350

1st October 2021

Some more stickers for you !
Same deal, any three for £7.95 including p&p
Just tell me which ones you want !
stickers today 400


Drag Racing DVDs still in their plastic envelopes!
Never been played!
Nostalgia Nats & Hot Rod Drags 2015
Dragstalgia 2015
Nostalgia Nats & Hot Rod Drags 2014
Santa Pod Season Review 2014
£19.95 including p&p for the lot.
drag racing dvds 400

Anyone needing an original Service Manual
for a Cadillac DeVille / Fleetwood ?

Looking at the cover, you can tell it's been well used
but inside, it's like new !
I'm asking £29.95 including p&p.
If you check out Amazon or eBay, you'll see what a great price that is.
[email protected] or 07554 442350

cadillac manual

30th September 2021
Any three stickers for £7.95 including p&p.
Just tell me which ones you want !
[email protected] or 07554 442350


Galen Govier's Chrysler Corporation
Production Option Code Books
Dodge Light Truck Code Book
Part & Castings Numbers Books
volume one & volume two

Never been used,
£ 5.95 each including p&p or
£25 for the six

govier 600

28th September 2021
DEAL of the DAY
1999 manuals

These manuals provide info on the diagnosis, the service procedures, the adjustments and specifications
for the Chevrolet S10 and Blazer, GMC Sonoma, Jimmy and Envoy, Oldsmobile Bravada.

They're not brand new but they're in great shape ( and heavy ! )

The cheapest I can find on the 'net, in 'used condition,' cost £100 including shipping

SO if I offer them at £ 75 including p&p., that must be a good deal for someone.

07554 442350 or [email protected]

27th September 2021

I've got one copy of  #6 and four of #9
Instead of £23.95 each,
I'm doing them at £ 14.95 each including p&p
[email protected] or 07554 442350

 HRI 6 150 HRI #9 150

16th September 2021

Hey, big lads

I've got two of these XXXL tee shirts
£17.95 each including p&p OR £30 for the two !!!
07554 442350
[email protected]

Big tee